Spring should have finally kicked off by now and our gardens should be full of life. There is always something new to see in the garden and plenty to do too. There are also lots of gardens to visit, so if you want to be inspired then get out and have a look at what others have been doing in their gardens. It’s also a good month for the RHS too with both The Chelsea Flower Show and The Malvern Spring Gardening Show being held this month.

  • Weed!!!
  • Continue to remove spent flowers of spring bulbs but not the foliage until it has withered and yellowed.
  • Chelsea-chop time – If any of your herbaceous are looking leggy then cutback by a third to encourage compact growth that will not collapse later in the season. Sedums particualry benefit from this treatment. This can be applied to lavender, echinops, Echinacea, nepeta etc,  too – if felt necessary.
  • Cutback withered daffodil or tulip stems once they have turned yellow.