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This garden is still “under construction”, a project that will phased over the next few years to suit the clients budget. The idea was to create an interesting scheme in a blank rectangular lawn while connecting the garden to the views and the landscape beyond the garden boundaries. Hedging has been included in the lawn which is intended to be trimmed with an undulating top so as to reflect the hills in the background. A further miscanthus hedge has been included as a textural contrast to the trimmed “wavy” hedge. More formal planting is included nearer the house and further planting is yet to be done to link the house with the garden and new hedging.

“We are really pleased with our garden, which was a large blank canvas a year ago. We had ideas but lacked the design skills and gardening experience that Alex arrived with.
It has been great project and a pleasure to work with Alex.”
Mrs S Slater

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