Jobs to be doing this month include:


Ornamental Garden:

  • Lightly trim box balls – traditionally on Derby Day 6th June!! Would be nice to encourage the box topiary to grow larger while retaining the shape.
  • Deadheading – Salvias as the flower heads go over, penstemons, roses etc.
  • Spray any plants infected with aphids or black fly.
  • Weed!!!
  • Prune early flowering clematis.
  • Cut back foliage of tulips.
  • Trim other shrubs to shape as necessary.
  • Plant warm season grasses such as penisetum and panicum
  • Treat bindweed/groundelder and other invasive weeds growing among other plants by applying a glyphosate based weedkiller to their leaves.
  • Prune ornamental cherries after their flowers have faded.
  • There is still time to sow quick germinating annuals such as cosmos.
  • Sow winter bedding such as violas etc.
  • Cut back oriental poppies/pulmonaria etc after they have flowered. Remove all leaf as well to allow for fresh leave to sprout.
  • Remove reverted shoots form variegated shrubs etc.

Veg Garden:

  • Direct Sow carrots for autumn and winter harvest
  • Sow Florence fennel and chicory.
  • Plant out leeks once they are pencil thick.
  • Put straw round strawberries.
  • Water potatoes for good sized tubers.
  • Feed tomatoes regularly
  • Ventilate greenhouse.