Ornamental Garden:

  • Give the borders one last tidy before Christmas by removing any debris, leaves etc.
  • Check newly planted shrubs for wind rock (loosened soil around base) after strong winds firming soil.
  • Avoid any pruning when frost or snow is forecast.
  • Replenish birdfeeders as soon as they run out.
  • Plant winter flowering shrubs like daphne and sarcococca.
  • Prune acer, betula before mid December to avoid bleeding cuts.
  • Mulch if the weather is still mild.


Veg Garden:

  • Harvest winter veg like sprouts etc.
  • Clear any remaining plant debris and compost.
  • Prune free standing apples, pears, currants and gooseberries.
  • Do not prune stone fruit until spring to avoid silver leaf disease.
  • Prune grape vines by mid December.
  • Continue to plant fruit bushes etc.
  • Divide and re plant rhubarb.
  • Lag outdoor taps and pipes to avoid them freezing.
  • Ventilate greenhouse on mild days.