After training initially in conservation and habitat management, the jump to horticulture and garden design seemed like a natural progression. This experience working and maintaining our natural environment influences the work I do today and inspires my approach to garden design.

inset1A successful design unifies the space between architecture and landscape and sensitivity should be considered to ensure that all materials and plants used in the space are appropriate to the character and location of each particular site. After close consultation with the client and by looking at ways to enhance the space both aesthetically and practically, I use my creative vision and experience to produce innovative and imaginative designs.

All projects are sensitive to each individual clients needs and the function of a garden is of utmost importance.

Simplicity and unity are also key points to consider when creating a successful garden scheme. I try to work with a simple palette and work with materials and plants which look natural in the environment I am given.
By working closely with each client and looking at each project objectively, my passion for plants and our natural environment provide me with the inspiration to produce unique garden schemes suitable for each individual location.