Plant of the Month – January

January can be a dreary month in the gardening calendar with not much going on and the weather outside not tempting you to put on your wellies and see what’s going on either. Having said that it’s nice to make the most of the better days and there is still work to be done, so don’t pack away the tools just yet, there is always something that needs to be done. It can be a good time to do that bit of work that you have been putting off all year.

Plant of the Month – November

November is the start of the winter, quite often the time we like to retreat back inside. However just because the weathers colder and the days are shortened doesn’t mean that the gardening years are over. There is still so much to do and see and can often be an exciting time of year as the trees and shrubs turn vibrant colours prior to losing their leaves. The bare bones of a garden start to present itself and the structure of a scheme becomes more evident. Now can often be the time to look at your gardens and make decisions about how to make them look interesting through the winter months. So don’t put your tools away just yet, enjoy and embrace the change of season and plan for the year ahead.

Plant of the Month – September

September can be a month full of vibrant colour and texture with the emergence of the flowers from the majority the ornamental grasses. Late flowering herbaceous plants like asters, dahlias and rudbeckia also pack a punch as they send their flowers through the spent flowers of the mid-summer perennials. It’s one of my favourite times of year and is what I consider to be the crescendo of the flowering season. Just because it’s the end of the summer your garden doesn’t need to be dull, there are plenty of plants to choose from that will light up your garden at this time of year.

Plant Of The Month – August

August, what I consider to be one of the last summer months, is a quieter time in the garden however there can still be lots to do and see to keep you occupied and keep those fingers green. Again it’s a great time for making notes. Keep an eye on about what’s working and what’s not in your planting schemes ready to make the changes in the autumn / spring. August also sees one of the gardens I look after open its gates to the public. Please see NGS Yellow book for more details – Malthouse Farm, Nr Ditchling.

Plant of the Month – July

July can be a funny month in the gardening year, as the flush of flower from June fades. Often there can be a lull in a planting scheme before other perennials take over in August. However there are plenty of plants you can use to bridge this gap, so now is the time to take note and make a decision about what could be used to help fill the gaps in the planting scheme for next year.

Plant of the month – June

The first of the summer months should now be well and truly with us and all our gardens will soon be producing a profusion of colour, if they haven’t already. It’s a great month for planning, as you will see what works and what could be improved upon within your planting schemes. Take notes though as it’s easy to forget the decisions you make as you become distracted by the other jobs needed to be done in the garden.

Plant of the month – Tulips

Its Tulip Time – I know that Tulips have been flowering for a while however there are still some late flowering varieties that will take us through to mid...

Plant of the Month – April

Welcome back. April is a busy time in the garden as the plants keep sprouting from the winter dormancy and there is lots to be done in preparation for the summer months ahead. There are seeds to be sown and lawns to be mown, as well as lots to enjoy as the spring flowering plants really start showing themselves off.