Plant of the Month – April 2018

The sweet smell of spring should now be evident in all our gardens. Our lawns may even have had their first trim of the year. It’s a cracking time of year with so many plants sending their new fresh growth skywards, with the changes in the garden noted almost daily. It’s also a time to ensure that your garden is ready for summer too. Any unfinished jobs that you didn’t get around to during the winter, should be done now to ensure that you are well prepared and ready for what the next few months may bring.

Plant of the Month – March 2018

More and more signs of life appear in the garden as March arrives, bringing with it some warmth and spring sunshine. If you look closely you can almost see spring arrive as the weeks pass us by and the garden shows signs of life again. It can be one of my favourite times of year as we leave the winter behind us. Don’t be fooled by those bright sunny spring days though, Winter hasn’t quite left us yet. Be mindful not to plant tender plants out too early and ensure that you have hardened off anything that has overwintered in the warmth of the greenhouse, before you transplant it out into the garden – there’s still the possibility of “Jack Frost” shocking your plants back into winter dormancy….

Plant of the Month – February

February can be one of the coldest months of the year but one of my favourites. The emerging spring bulbs and sweet-scented winter flowering shrubs provide a hint of what’s to come in the following year. Hopefully by now you will have completed all the work in preparation for spring and can sit back and wave good bye to the winter.

Plant of the Month – January

January, often dreary, is a time to retreat in front of the fire with the curtains closed and the central heating on. It is often a disappointing month in the gardening calendar too. However don’t beat yourself up about it too much, consider it a time for planning – in the warm with a cup of tea with the fire warming your toes.

Plant of the Month – December

December is often the bleakest month in the gardening calendar. Most plants have now retreated for the winter and the winter plants we rely on to bring a glimpse of colour during the dark Winter days are yet to show any sign of flower. With so many other things to keep us occupied this time of the year, our gardens are often forgotten until after the new year. It’s not a bad thing to have a bit of a break but just remember that being too sluggish through the winter creates a massive backlog of work to do come Spring. Its never a bad thing to tick off the odd job every now and then to ensure you are ready when spring arrives.

Plant of the Month – November

As Winter fast approaches, it’s not quite time to pack up the tools quite yet. There is still much to see and do in the garden and it’s the best time of year to start thinking about plans for next year while everything is still fresh in your mind. Don’t forget to take some time out though and take in all that lovely autumn awesomeness too.

Plant of the month – October

As we approach the winter it can often be a time for reflection in the garden, thinking about those parts of the garden that still need more thought and more work. It doesn’t have to be the end of the gardening year, by careful planning you can still provide a crescendo of colours for you to enjoy until the frosts knock it all back in November. It’s also time to start thinking about spring, as now is the time to start planting your spring bulbs. By combining a simple mix of narcissis, tulips and alliums, you will be able to provide a colourful combination of flower in the garden from March until June. A little tip would be to buy more than you think you need, as often these displays look better en masse rather than a few flowers dotted here and there through your borders. Also, only plant the smaller narcissi in your borders as the big trumpet daffs can often be a little overpowering and thuggish amongst your other border plants.

Plant of the Month – September

September can be a great time of year in the garden as the late summer perennials put on their show in conjunction with the ornamental grasses. The low light in the mornings and evenings create great effects as the sun shines through the plants creating silhouettes and shadows that are not seen any other time of the year. The low light in the mornings and evenings create great effects as the sun shines through the plants, creating silhouettes and shadows that are not seen any other time of the year. It’s a time to wind down a bit in the garden but don’t take your foot off the throttle just yet as there will soon be plenty to do as the plants fade and we slowly head towards winter.

Plant of the Month – August

August can be a lively time in our borders but a quieter time for us gardeners. The dry weather and the heat helps keep the weeds away and enables the gardener to take a break and appreciate all the hard work that has been done in the past few months. It’s a great time for making notes and working out what has worked and most importantly what part of the garden needs a little more thought for next year. August is a great time to find some inspiration by visiting other gardens and this month sees one of the gardens I look after, open its gates to the public. Please see NGS Yellow book for more details – Malthouse Farm, Nr Ditchling.

Plant of the Month – July

July is often one of the hottest months of the year with dry sunny days and warm nights. Because of this our gardens can often look a little tired as most trees and shrubs have done their thing and the herbaceous world is having a bit of a break too. It can be a great time to sit out and enjoy your garden and If you have done all you can to keep your plants looking good by feeding well and regularly deadheading spent flowers, you should enjoy a longer display of blooms and may just bridge that gap between the mid summer flush and the late summer madness.