Plant Of The Month – February

February can be one of the coldest months of the year but one of the best parts of the gardening year. It conjures thoughts of cold, wet, grey wintry days however the emerging spring bulbs provide a glimpse of the colour with a hint of what’s to come in the following year.

Plant of the Month – January

January is a time for retreat and viewing the garden from indoors. It can also be a time for bright winter sunshine and crisp frosty mornings – often my favourite times of the year in the garden. I love seeing the bare “bones” of a gardens structure highlighted by that low Winter light. Frosty mornings can be quite pleasant, it gives us a chance, between the rainy days, to appreciate what winter can offer us.

Plant of the month – December

December is often a month spent away from the garden, with the colder weather now with us, it can be very tempting to retreat indoors and not venture out into the garden at all. Most of the autumn colour has now gone from our gardens and the surrounding landscape and it can be a little bleak to say the least. Having said that, there are plenty of evergreen shrubs and plants with winter interest that can be introduced into our gardens to tempt us outside. Be brave, brace the cold and see what you can find at the nursery / garden centre to brighten up those dark, dreary December days.

Plant of the Month – November

November provides our gardens with displays of fiery shades of autumnal colour, given to us by our deciduous trees and shrubs. As the leaves fade and fall, the display gets brighter and more intense with the colour of the leaves often carpeting the floor too. There’s nothing quite like an autumnal walk wading through the leaves whether that be in a cultivated garden or “in the wild”. Either way you are still likely to enjoy the best of what the season has to offer.

Plant of the Month – October

October is the time for autumnal hues, low light and the last blast of bright colour to fill our borders before winter arrives and knocks the whole lot back until next year. There is still much interest happening in the garden and its not quite time to hang up the tools and forget about the garden just yet. Make the most of the better weather and start preparing your garden for its winter hibernation.

Plant of The Month – September

September is one of the highlights of the late summer garden. The autumn flowering perennials are in full bloom and the ornamental grasses are in their prime. The low Autumn light creates great effects as the sun shines through the plants, creating silhouettes and shadows that are not seen any other time of the year. It’s a time to wind down and enjoy the result of all your hard work throughout the year, so sit back and relax and make notes of what can be improved for next year.

Plant of the Month – August

August is a time for contemplation and relaxation in the garden, reaping the rewards from all the hard the work completed in spring and summer. It’s a great time to make a note of any changes you would like to make for the following year and also a great time to get some inspiration from other gardens too. Don’t sit back for too long though, as autumn approaches there will be plenty of green fingered jobs to keep you occupied very soon.

Plant of the month – July

July can be hot, dry, sunny and by now most of that spring moisture has left the soil surface and plants are having to find water deeper down. If you have planted anything this year then your plants may need a little extra help to get established so don’t forget to water and feed if necessary too. A thorough soaking is always best as the water permeates deeper into the soil encouraging the roots to follow – the deeper you can encourage those roots to go the less watering you will have to do in the long term.

Plant of the Month – June

June is one of the highlights of the gardening year, so many plants in flower with their foliage still looking vibrant and green. It’s a great time for getting out and getting some fresh inspiration by looking at what others have been up to in their own gardens. Check out The NGS Yellow Book Scheme where you will find some gardens local to you that open their gates for charity.

Plant of the Month – May

Gardens in May should still be full of the lush green growth of Spring with plants sending out fresh green foliage daily. There is plenty of moisture in the ground too which makes it a great time for planting as any new additions will have time to establish well before the heat of the summer. With The Malvern Sping Gardening Show and Chelsea both being held this month it’s also a great time for Gardening Shows too. If you are stuck for inspiration, then I would thoroughly recommend a trip to either where you will find plenty of ideas than can be transported back into your own gardens.